6 Common Electric Fence Myths…UNCHARGED!

List Of master contractors - Repairman Blog Pages - If your fence is not properly grounded, the shock may not be as powerful or even felt at all! Because completing the circuit and grounding are critical for the shock to be felt, birds sitting on a fence line or power line feel no shock. Since they are not grounded in any way, the circuit is not completed. One major component to any electric fence is the ground. . Installing an Earth Ground Return System is one way to ensure your fence stays hot even with poor grounding. There are a few instances where an animal or person may not get shocked from an electric fence. If the soil near your ground rods is extremely dry or frozen, there are no water molecules in the soil available to move the energy and complete the circuit. If the circuit is not complete then a shock will not be felt ..More

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Using Crimp Sleeves to Splice High-Tensile Wire

Directory Listing Of residential contractors - Ask And Expert - Support Services & Forum Pages - When using more than one sleeve-per-join, be sure to leave ? between sleeves to allow for proper expansion. At end posts and inline strainers, be sure to use two sleeves. Do not split the sleeve into and ?8? shape. . To correctly crimp a sleeve, place it into the appropriate slot in the crimping tool and compress it into a cylindrical shape from end to end. If crimped incorrectly, the full strength of the wire will be jeopardized. Depending on the length of the sleeve, this can be 1 to 3 compressions ..More

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Protecting Bee Hives with Apiary Fence

Best Local contractors - Repair DIY Message Board - A bear with a sweet tooth can destroy all your efforts and hard-earned money. Bears are very smart and usually don't forget, therefore, a psychological barrier will easily prevent the devastation of bees, hives, and honey. A well-constructed electric fence will keep bears out of any apiary and do its job for years. ..More

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Fence Alarm: The Latest in Fence Monitoring Technology

Locate Nearby certified contractors - Service Professional Blog Pages - Fence-Alarm works by simply connecting the monitoringbox to your fence line. Only one Fence-Alarm is needed for every energizer you have in operation on your farm. This voltage should be below your ideal operating voltage. When installing Fence-Alarm, you will set a voltage threshold. Farm-Alert has been a leader in energizer production for nearly 37 years and Fence-Alarm is their newest product. This threshold value will depend on the energizer you use, as well as the size of your fence. It then uses a cellular network to report to your mobile device or computer. . The threshold will be used to alert you if your fence voltage drops below that value ..More

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Charging Your Fence With the Power of the Sun

Top 10 Best certified contractors - Repairman Blog Pages - Solar chargers are not economically efficient. However, they are worth every penny for farmers and ranchers who have no other option for powering their fence lines. When purchasing a solar-powered unit, it is crucial to remember the large input cost associated with the panel, charger, and battery. Although they essentially run for free, they require large input costs. ..More

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