Grazing with Goats

List Of master contractors - Let's Talk - Forum Pages - A low-impedance energizer sends out a pulse of energy through the fence unlike the direct-charge (weed-burner) energizers of the past. . Your energizer can be solar, battery, or AC-powered as long as it is a low-impedance energizer. A direct-charge or high-impedance energizer will melt your electric netting causing it to short out, which voids the warranty ..More

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Setting your Remote and Energizer Channel

Top 10 Best certified contractors - Blogs & Forums - The light should only blink once, indicating channel one. Simply unplug, then plug in and watch where the light blinks. To check the channel your energizer is set on you must first unplug your energizer. If your light blinks multiple times, count each blink. You need to pay close attention to the lights on your energizer to catch the channel it is set on. For the EK6 and EK13, plug in your energizer and count the number of blinks. . On the EK24 model, you will follow the blinking light to determine the channel the energizer is set on. If you missed a blink, or want to check again, you can unplug and plug your energizer back in to re-count. The furthest left light is 1, each channel is then indicated by moving from the bottom left upwards and to the right ..More

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Protecting Bee Hives with Apiary Fence

Top 10 industrial contractors - Forum With Technicians - Posts may be wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, or composite material. Construct a ground bed by connecting the negative terminal of the fence energizer to multiple ground rods driven at least 3? deep. The energizer should be placed in an enclosure so that it cannot be damaged by the weather or an angry bear. Create a positive-negative system to ensure the bear still receives a good shock under very dry conditions. A minimum of 6 strands of 12 gauge high-tensile galvanized wire, tensioned to approximately 125 pounds. If possible, install the ground bed in a moist soil area to improve conductivity. Given that bears are large, forceful animals that will rapidly utilize any weakness in the fence, do not buy cheap materials to cut cost. High-tensile galvanized wire has a high breaking strength and will not rust for up to 40 years. Place posts no more than 16? apart, and set them 2? into the ground. One joule of output is recommended per mile of fence. Select an energizer capable of producing 6,000 volts on the fence. . Choose the energizer according to the size of your fence. Evenly space the remaining 5 strands 8?-10? apart using insulators on hot wires. If bees are kept in a remote location, choose a solar energizer. Install the bottom wire about 2? from the ground to ensure that the intruder does not try to get under the fence. It is recommended to install one ground rod per joule of energizer. Connect the first, third, and fifth strands to the positive terminal on the charger, and the second, fourth, and sixth strands to a ground wire connected to the ground bed of the charger ..More

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A Jobe Valve for Every Job

Search and locate master contractors - Residential Service Blogs - When it comes to keeping your water tanks full of clean, fresh water, there are no better valves for the job than Jobe Valves. From high-pressure lines to gravity-fed water tanks, there really is a Jobe Valve for every job. Kencove carries a wide selection of Jobe Valves to ensure we have the right one for you. ..More

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Most Common Fence Questions

List Of contractors - Service Contractor Forum Pages - . Bonita: ?Where are the cookies?? In case you didn?t know, Bonita has world-famous cookies that make an appearance at all the shows she attends ..More

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